Innovative CareMetix? cabin filter eliminates pollutants and odors

The new CareMetix? cabin filter from MAHLE, based on active carbon, filters ordinary solid matter and gas particles from the ambient air, while also eliminating odors using a molecular sieve mat.

S5 broadband technology

MAHLE cabin filters based on active carbon ensure that as few pollutants as possible enter the driver’s cabin. They remove more than 90 percent of hazardous nitrogen oxides from the air before it is fed into the interior of the vehicle via ventilation. This has been proven, for example, in scientific tests conducted by the Institute of Environmental Physics at Heidelberg University, Germany. The innovative MAHLE CareMetix? cabin air filter goes a step further, adsorbing gases like an active carbon filter, but also neutralizes all types of odor.

This is made possible by the innovative five-layer structure of the CareMetix? filter. As with other active carbon filters, a high-performance particulate filter layer for dust separation and two different active carbon layers are applied to a substrate layer. These carbon layers are effective against organic and inorganic gases. In the CareMetix? there is also a molecular sieve mat, which ensures unique odor filtration. MAHLE thus offers a significant and perceptible advantage in terms of comfort and driving pleasure.

MAHLE has tailored the filtration action of CareMetix? to virtually all gases that may occur in real driving operation. For example, it protects against unpleasant, pungent odors such as tar vapors as well as sulfur and ammonia gases by completely neutralizing them. Aside from laboratory analyses, its effectiveness has also been verified by comprehensive load tests under everyday driving conditions. With 85 different CareMetix? designs, MAHLE already offers wide market coverage with almost 75 percent of all passenger car models available in Europe.


  • Molecular sieve guarantees unparalleled odor filtration
  • Active carbon layer removes more than 90 percent of hazardous nitrogen oxides from the air
  • Wide market coverage with 85 different CareMetix designs
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