Integrated powertrain solutions from a single source

New test and certification center of MAHLE Powertrain in Northhampton / UK

MAHLE Powertrain is a development service provider that offers solutions across the entire powertrain.

The MAHLE subsidiary researches, develops, and manufactures conventional combustion engines as well as hybrid systems and electric units. The goal is to optimize powertrains, systems, and components so that they work more efficiently, economically, and produce fewer emissions. MAHLE Powertrain supports vehicle manufacturers across all development phases: from initial trials through to prototype construction, implementation of series production, and subsequent optimizations of the solution reached.

MAHLE Powertrain supports customers all over the world and was the first service supplier to gain approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency for the so-called Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test routes, a new vehicle emissions testing procedure for Europe. MAHLE Powertrain is at the forefront of test procedure development to provide ever greater support to the auto industry over the coming years.

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A glimpse behind the scenes:

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