Complete power for your vehicle

LV Drive System with Reduction Gear

MAHLE electric drive systems represent an optimal solution for different types of drive systems for numerous applications.

From two-wheelers, passenger cars, commercial vehicle, golf carts, utility vehicle, non-road mobile machinery or material handling vehicles MAHLE can provide the best suitable traction system that integrates an efficient combination of electric motor and corresponding controller, in some cases also gearbox. Even individual components of HV electric drive systems, like stators, rotors and electronic controllers, can be designed and produced in a way that they can be integrated in the specific customer drivetrain design. MAHLE has a range of motors available, designed for system voltage from 24 to 800 V and with the mechanical power output from 1 to 250 kW. Specific design options can be developed in compliance with the particular customer needs.

Learn more about MAHLE's Electric Drive Systems

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