Innovative bicycles are created with e-bike drive systems from MAHLE

All information at a glance

As a full system provider for smart e-bikes whether Urban, Race, Gravel, or Mountain Bike - MAHLE offers a platform for compact drive units with an optimized battery-concept, components for connectivity and customized motor control.

The lightweight and compact design of our components gives bicycle manufacturers design freedom. Harmonized to one another, our products can be easily integrated so that bicycles retain both their identity and slim design. With components from MAHLE, cycling gets rediscovered.

Our components at a glance

  • Drive unit: Hub and mid-drive motors - we offer suitable drive units for every type of bicycle.
  • Battery: Range extender and integrated battery provide sufficient power.
  • Board computer: Remote control, display (HMI) and bespoke applications offer an intelligent user interface.
  • Connectivity: New applications in the field of Internet of Things (IoT): GPS, ANT+, 4G as well as App applications for OEM, dealer and user are made possible by our connected components.

For further information please visit our microsite or send an email to [email protected]

Ebike system components from MAHLE
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